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Our company Xian Meheco is a professional company, main engaged in manufacturing and exporting Pharmaceutical Raw Materials, Nutrition Supplement & Food Additive, Veterinary & Agrichemical(Plant Growth Regulator), Biochemical, Fine Chemical & Intermediates and Pharmaceutical Machinery. -Nutrition Supplement & Food Additive: Glucosamine Sulphate 2KCL, Chitosan, Beta-Carotene, Coenzyme Q10, Natamycin, Nisin, Sucralose, Neohesperidin Dihydrochalcone(NHDC), Stevia Reb-A 98%, Acesulfame-K, Aspartame, Chondroitin Sulfate, Chromium Picolinate, MSM(Dimethyl Sulfone), Gellan gum, Xanthan Gum, Omega-3 fish oil, Polylysine, L-Carnitine, L-Carnosine, Hyaluronic Acid, N-Acetyl-Glucosamine, Ipriflavone, Glucuronolatone, Folic Acid, Riboflavin, Vitamin K1/K3/K4, D-Biotin, Nicotinamide, D-Panthenol, D-Calcium Pantothenate. -Pharmaceutical Raw Materials: Meglumine, Diatrizoic Acid, Idebenone, Sulfasalazine,Terbinafine HCL, Phloroglucinol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Ketoconazole, Butoconazole Nitrate, Ibuprofen DC Grade, Lumefantrine, L-Aspartate Magnesium, Pyritinol Hcl. -Intermediates: 2-Chloro-4,6-dimethoxy-1,3,5-triazine, Phenyl-4,6-dimethoxy-2-pyrimidylamino formate, 4,6-dimethoxy-2-methylsulfonylpyridine, 2-Amino-4-Chloro-6-hydroxypyrimidine, N-Methylmethane Sulfonamide, N-(2-Chloro-4-Pyridyl)-N-Phenylurea, Isopropyl N-(3-chlorophenyl)carbamate, N-(2-Chloro-4-Pyridyl)-N-Phenylurea, 5-Chloro-2-(2-methoxyethoxy)-benzenesulfonic acid sodium salt, 4,6-Dimethoxy-2-(phenoxycarbonylamino)pyrimidine, 5-Amino-2-Methylbenzene Sulfonamide, 4-Amino-2-Chloropyridine, 2-Ethylsulfonylimidazo[1,2-a]pyridine-3-sulfonamide, Methyl 2-(2-methylphenoxymethyl)phenylglyoxylate. 6-aminosaccharin, 2-(2-methoxyethoxy)benzenesulfonamide, 2-methyl formate-5-nitrobenzenesulfonamide, 2-amino-N-methylbenzamide. -Veterinary: Amprolium HCL (60% powder), Bacitracin, Nequinate, Ceftiofur(Free Acid), Cefquinome Sulfate, Florfenicol, Imidocarb, Monensin, Oregano oil, Ponazuril, Tiamulin Fumarate, Tilmicosin, Toltrazuil, Triclabendazole, Valnemulin HCL, Halquinol, Buparvaquone, Iron Dextran, DL-Tetramisole, Levamisole HCL, Nicarbazine, Clopidol, Robenidine HCl, Dinitolmide. -Plant Growth Regulator: Forchlorfenuron(CPPU,KT-30), Zeatin, Fipronil, 3-Indoleacetic acid(IAA), 3-Indolebutyric acid(IBA), 4-Chlorophenoxyacetic Acid(4-CPA),6-BA(Benzylaminopurine), Kinetin(6-Furfurylaminopurine, 6-KT), Chlorpropham, Giibberellic Acid, NAA(2-(1-Naphthyl)Acetic Acid), Brassinolid. -Herbicide: Halosulfuron, Sulfosulfuron, Amidosulfuron, Triasulfuron, Iodosulfuron, Ortosulfamuron, Ethametsulfuron-methyl, Flazasulfuron, Trifloxysulfuron. -Pharmaceutical Machinery: AL-Plastic(Al/Al)Automatic Blister Packing Machine, Horizontal Automatic Packing Machine, Softgel Encapsulation Machine, Automatic Filling and sealing Machine, High Efficiency Boiling Drie, etc. Quality of our products always complies with latest international standard, and well accepted by the worldwide users. Our GMP plants are always in a good position to accept Custom Manufacturing from customers all over the world; all the skilled experts and staff are the strong guarantee for the products quality. Xian Meheco means Quality & Price, Professionality & Efficiency, Reliability & Reputation.
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